Christmas has come and gone, but the holidays are far from over.  We all know how Santa gets around over Christmas, but did anyone stop and ask how he likes to travel when he celebrates the New Year?  And where does Santa choose to ring in the New Year?  Since he chooses to book his New Year’s Eve transportation with Limo.com (he gives the reindeer the night off, obviously), we are able to provide a look at what Santa may be doing for NYE this year and which vehicles he chooses to travel in…


Town car

Chicago: Santa buzzes through the streets of Chi-town in an ultra sleek comfy town car.  He’s hitting up several of his friends’ soiree’s in the Windy City.  With so many good parties in the heat of downtown, Santa needs a vehicle he can rely on to get him from point to point smoothly and in style.


LA: Santa is one with the stars mobbin’ in his stretch limo in LA.  He knows this is the only way to cruise from red carpet to velvet rope.  Santa hits all of the


Miami: Santa makes a quick stop in Miami for some holiday heat.  He rolls in a black Mercedes, with the windows rolls down to get some fresh air and to see and be seen.  He hits a couple of beach parties in his freshest board shorts.

SUV stretch

Denver: Something to brave cold in that includes room for the reindeer?  How about an SUV stretch?  Santa and his furry buddies head to a cozy lounge or resort where they can ring in the New Year with some well deserved holiday R & R.

Rolls Royce Stretch

Vegas: Santa likes to differentiate himself from all the other VIPS by rollin’ in a Rolls Royce Limo on the Vegas strip.  He hops from party to party-no need to be on the list-everyone knows Santa.


Portland, OR: Santa and his buddies pile into a brand new Escalade and head for Mt. Hood for some New Year’s Eve fun.  No doubt he’s used to the snow and is a pro at snowboarding and skiing.  He likes to kick back in the lodge after a day on the mountain.

Party Bus

NYC: What better way to watch the ball drop than in person?  Santa grabs his favorite peeps and reindeer and they pile into a party bus for a bit of pre-funking before the big count down.

With so many good  options, where and what will Santa choose to do?  Can’t he do it all???  He is Santa, afterall….

From us here at Limo.com, to you, happy New Year!  Don’t forget to book your designated driver.


Limo.com’s Top 10 Things to Be Thankful For

1. A designated driver.  Seriously, no one in your family needs to drive when you have us.

2. Thanksgiving Weekend Wine Tours.  Some of the most elite wineries and vineyards open their doors to the public for tastings this weekend in Oregon, Washington, and California.  If you’re in one of these areas this weekend, this is the perfect time to grab the fam, rent a limo, and try some spectacular wine.

3. A long relaxing weekend (unless you prefer #4).

4. The biggest shopping day of the year, which also means the most insane parking of the year!  You know who doesn’t have to worry about that though?  You!  (see #5).

5. Someone to drive you around during Black Friday.  Yes, that would be us.  You rollin’ in a group?  No problem-grab a limo.  Is it just one or two of you?  Kick back in a town car or SUV.

       5 a. A warm vehicle to sit in early early in the morning on Black Friday, while everyone else is waiting out in the cold.

6. Yummy Yummy food for less than dinner out.

(photo courtesy of mlive.com)

7. Tryptophan: the best natural sleep aid and cure to having to listen to Crazy Aunt Ethel’s two hour rants about her bunions.  Pass the turkey!

8. Family time and togetherness (Oh come on, Aunt Ethel’s not that bad…er…right?)

9. Catching up with friends.  Lots of people come into town to see their family (or head home).  Either way, there’s usually some type of reunion in store for you, should you want to see them. 

10. Holiday Movie Season.  Regardless of what you do or don’t have in common with your family, you can almost always bond over a movie.  Why not, book a car, and get out of the house for some family fun this weekend? 

We hope to see you sometime this weekend.  From us here at Limo.com, to you and yours, Happy Thanksgiving!


‘Need a costume this weekend, and short on time?  Then check this out:

Limo.com’s Simple Costumes you can Throw Together Using things you already have at Home!

Ghost costume: Throw a sheet over your head.  Have a friend trace circles where your eyes need to be.  Take off sheet, and cute openings for eyes.  Viola!  Instead ghost costume.

Caesar/Roman citizen/Grecian Goddess: Grab a white sheet.  Look up how to fold a toga on YouTube.  Drape yourself in the sheet, according to the YouTube video’s instructions.  Grab a pair of flip-flops or strappy sandals.  Spray paint them gold.  Ladies, you may already have gold gladiator heels from this summer-in which case, more power to you!  Grab some gold leaves from the craft store and glue them to a headband for your hair.  Guys, have someone you trust give you the “Caesar Cut”.

Zombie: Grab some clothes you aren’t too fond of (you won’t want anything too nice).  Take some scissors and cut pieces off the clothing, or shred the edges of it.  You’re going for the “dilapidated look” so use your imagination.  Ladies, grab some mauve eye shadow or really dark blush; guys, borrow your woman’s make up.  Put the dark color under eyes to make your skin looked bruised and hollow.  Line eyes with thick black eyeliner.  Use red lipstick to create pustules of blood.  Try red lip liner, or you can buy fake blood at the costume store fairly inexpensive prices-grab some hillbilly teeth while you’re at it.  Ladies, rat your hair for an even more disheveled look.

Vampire: The clothes you rock with this costume may depend upon what era you’re from.  Vampires are usually dark creatures, so grab you’re darkest sexiest clothes and wear those.  Ladies, fishnets and a black dress are usually a good start.  Dark heavy make-up, or super light skin and dark make-up work well.  Use lipstick and or lip liner for bloody red lips.  Spring for some cheap fangs at Rite Aid, or the like-almost every store has them this time of year.  Guys, a black dressy vest helps with the “Victorian look”.

pet halloween

Mummy: Grab a roll of toilet paper.  You hold the end while a friend runs around you repeatedly, covering you with the roll of t.p.  Repeat, until you are completely covered head to toe.  This also works great to portray a “head to toe bandaged person”.

Where’s Waldo?: Grab a red and white horizontally striped t-shirt and some dark wash jeans.  If you don’t have the shirt, borrow one.  You will know someone who has one.  Grab a navy beanie or striped beanie.  Girls stuff your hair into the beanie.  Grab some black rimmed glasses (or borrow some, go to Goodwill, etc).  Go hide in one of the busiest places you can think of…invite your friends to look for you.

Giant Baby: Put on a flesh colored long sleeve shirt or turtleneck.  Grab that white sheet again.  Fold it around your bottom half so it looks like you have on a giant diaper.  Bonus for those of you who have giant safety pins.  Borrow a pacifier from your baby, or from one of your friends who has kids-trust me, if they have kids, they’ll have a pacifier.  String it around your neck.  Borrow Grandma’s bonnet, or head to Goodwill to find one.  Grab a “blanky”  to drag around with you.  Give yourself rosy cheeks with some dark blush.  Cry if you don’t get your way.

Jolly Green Giant: Green tights, green turtlneck, green leggings, green face paint (you get the idea here).

It’s a busy weekend-so make sure you get your limo, town car or SUV as your D.D. and have a safe and happy Halloween!


Can you believe it’s that time already? The leaves are starting to change, the air is starting to become a little bit more crisp, and it’s time for the first big dance of the high school season: depending on your school this is either dubbed “Winter Formal” or the traditional “Homecoming”. Either way, you and your friends (or depending on who’s reading this, perhaps your child and their friends) need a safe styling way to get to the event. You obviously know where I’m going with this:
We have lots of vehicle options for the special night: whether it’s a special occasion stretch limo, or a more modest town car for the couple who wants to roll solo-we’ve got you covered. Many of the limo companies on here offer Winter Formal Specials or Homecoming discounts, so if you’re a large group booking a Winter Formal stretch Escalade, or a Homecoming Couple who want to travel in a special occasion Rolls Royce, make sure to ask your limo company about what Homecoming specials they offer.  Have fun and be safe!


Labor Day Festivities.  It’s the end of the summer, and it’s time to end things on a sweet note.    If your in New York City, Portland, or Vegas then we’ve gotcha covered on what to do this weekend.  Grab your a limo, town car, or party bus and your friends, then head to one of the events below.



Check out resident DJ, DJ Pauly D spinning at the Palms Casino Resort Pool during the day, followed by Club Rain that night.  Fist Pump!

College Student?  Head over to McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon, sporting a college t-shirt and receives shots for half price.

Armin Van Buren spins at Marquee.


Check out Calvin Harris and Afrojack at Surrender nightclub in Encore.

Jersey Shore Fan?  Check out Snooki doing what she does best: “partying” at Pure Nightclub in Caesar’s

Got that lovin’ feeling?  Check out Sade and John Legend performing at the MGM Grand

If you wanna laugh this weekend, then don’t miss Bill Cosby at Treasure Island

Paul Oakenfold spinning at Club Rain in the Palms.

LMFAO brings the party at Tao


Takin’ it back to the 80’s and early 90’s: The B-52’s and Human Leagues perform at the Mandalay Bay

Def Leopard will pour some sugar on the crowd at the MGM Grand

R&B Star Ginuwine will keep the ladies swooning’ at LAX Night Club

Flo Ride performs at Haze Nightclub in the Aria

Keeping things on the naughtier side of “naughty and nice”, The Bank will host a Lingerie Ball

Ferry Corsten spins his magical beats at Nikki Beach at the Tropicana


Get your grub on at the Bare Pool Backyard BBQ event

Above and Beyond spins at Wet Republic

Portland, OR


Disco Fever, baby!  Discos, Discos Dance Party at Club Holocene


Labor Day Weekend Bacon Arts and Cupcake Festival

Held in NW Portland on the corner of Flanders and 8th, Saturday-Monday

Bacon bar, Voodoo Doughnuts Treats, and Nike, Columbia, Lucy and other top brands at deeply discounted prices?  Um, yes please!  What’s better than bacon and shopping?!

Art in The Pearl: Fine Arts & Crafts Festival.  Come check out the work of 100+ artists in the beautiful Pearl District.  Sat-Mon, beginning at 10 am.

Check out Scene at Club Aura and get your party on.


If there’s one thing Oregonians love, it’s their wine!  Lucky for them and those who choose to visit Portland this weekend, there are many exclusive vineyards opening their usually exclusive doors to the public!  Grab a limo, or SUV and some friends.  With over 25+ wineries opening their doors this is not to be missed!  Check out: http://www.chehalemmountains.org/ for further details.

New Hawthorne Market, grand opening

Begins at noon, at 2310 SE Hawthorne

Great for people watching, tasty food, and shopping

Party at the Barrel Room, downtown Portland.  Doors open at 9 pm-DJs and Dancing.


Labor Day Picnic at Oaks Park.  Great for family fun!

New York City, NY


Electric Zoo after Party with Fatboy Slim.  Electric beats to shake your booty to.  Check out Electric Zoo prior to that, starting at 2 at the Robert F Kennedy Bridge, Randall’s Island.  4 stages, tons of acts

Adrenaline Junkie?  Check out the Tony Hawk Vert Jam.  Watch as pros Hawk and Staab (among others) show off their smoothest moves on a huge half pipe set up along the Hudson.  (Hudson River Park, Pier 54)

Ladies, grab your girls and head on over to Touch, 240 W. 52nd Street.  You and girls are free until 1am.

Where are you going after work?  Head to Stay for drinks with your co-workers to get your weekend off to a relaxing start.  Rated as one of the best after work lounges, by reviewers on Citysearch.com  .  244 E Houston.


Take a limo to Brooklyn and taste some fine gin at Breuckelen Gin Distillery.

Check out the Sidecar Bar & Grill, several blocks away-White Bean dip and blue oysters, anyone?

Rolling Stone and the Art of the Record Review, 128 E 63rd St.  The exhibit boasts designs from the album reviews of Rolling Stone, since 1970.

Is hip hop your thing?  Head to Governor’s Island to check out the talented Nas, Lauren Hill, Erykah Badu, Ghostface, and more at Rock the Bells concert series.

How well do you lie?  If you’re good at poker, or maybe just putting forward a good poker face, then you have to check out The Liar Show at the Cornelia Street Café-29 Cornelia Street-.  Member of the audience choose which out the four tales is true and which is a lie.  Wine prizes for a correct guess.

Love shopping? Check out Mary Meyer’s new boutique on 56 Bogart St, where she will be offering up to 60% off on some of her finest duds.  Score!

Combine two of my favorite things: wine and chocolate, and I’ll be there.  Ayza wine and chocolate bar at 11 West 31st Street accomplishes this and much more.  Open until 1 a.m.


Today is Brazillian Day in NYC.  In celebration, a mile-long multi-street fair is held from 10-7pm on 46th St between Madison and 8th Aves.  Check out traditional Brazilian dance performances, djs, and amazing food.

Head for a spot along the Hudson River to check out the Annual Tug Boat Races.  Boat compete for the fastest tug boat, along with Best Dressed Crew, and Best Vintage Tugboat

If you like house music then you can’t miss Club Pacha tonight.  World class DJ Roger Sanchez will pumping up the crowd with his contagious beats for the official Electric Zoo After Party.  Be there.


Three words: Barney’s.  Warehouse.  Sale.  255 W. 17th St.  Lowest Prices of the season.  ‘Nuff said.

West Indian American Day Carnival, Brooklyn.  Beginning at 11 am.  Parade, Island Culture, and Caribbean Eats.

Sports Fan?  Don’t miss the 2011 US Open held at Flushing Meadows, Corona Park, Queens.  Sharapova, Wozniacki, Nadal and Federer.  Bonus: Iron Chef Morimoto serving up his signature sushi on site.

Show off your Salsa dancing skills at Taj Lounge, 48 West 21st St.  Monday is Salsa night complete with drink specials.  How festive!


1. Weddings, Wine Tours, Birthdays-Oh My!

‘Tis the season for activities. Whether you’re attending a friend’s bash or your own wedding, nothing is as cool as rollin’ to your destination in style. Let us help you with those arrangements: book your special occasion limo with us today.

2. It’s summertime, and it’s hot.

There is a major heat wave happening in the majority of states right now, and not everyone has AC in their place or in their vehicle. But guess what…our fleet does! What’s the coolest way to keep cool? By travelling in a hot looking vehicle with AC, of course! We got you covered.

3. More time with your peeps!

How many people are in your group? A fair amount? If this is true, then it’s safe to say that you won’t all be travelling in the same vehicle…unless of course you book a limo or party bus with us. You get more quality time with your friends/fam, AND you can socialize all you like because you are paying for a professional to watch the road and get you to your destination safely.

4. Avoid the DUI.

Drinking and driving = no bueno. It’s a bad decision for a plethora of reasons-I’ll spare you the lecture, but you know the drill: don’t do it. As a matter of fact, eliminate any temptation to do it, but making sure your transportation, as well as transportation for your loved ones is already taken care of. You’re smart, and you’re responsible, and now you can party the night away with your friends, and not worry about how you are getting home safely.

5. Help the environment.

You see it in the news on a daily basis: how big is your carbon footprint? Do your part to help the environment, by shrinking your pollution contribution a bit. Commute with your friends in one large vehicle, and reduce how many cars are on the road. Bonus: many of the limo companies on limo.com offer hybrid stretch limos, hummers, etc. Ask your operator about options when you book.


Memorial Day Weekend is fast approaching, and to most of us that means one thing (outside of it being officially “socially acceptable” to wear white pants in public):  PARTY!

It’s time for you and your friends to ring in the start of summer in a BIG way:

The Party Bus. Nothing like getting the party started and keeping it going for hours while on a big party bus with 20 of your closest friends.  Bonus: you have a paid D.D. that you know isn’t going to flake and who won’t be partaking of the booze.  So go ahead and enjoy that martini.

The Stretch Hummer.  Take girls’ night to the next level.  Have everyone chip in for a stretch hummer for the afternoon/evening, and skip the cab.  Roll to your destinations in style, with a smile.

The Classic Stretch.  Memorial Day=an extra day in Wine Country, right?  (wink).  You’re going to want a sleek ride out to the vineyard, so you and your posse don’t have to worry about getting back.  Many wineries hold special events/tastings this weekend, so hurry and book your group limo for your area.

Some wineries of note:

Archery Summit:  18599 Archery Summit Rd, Dayton, OR

The winery holds a Memorial Day event with tours of their beautiful caverns.   This weekend only, a complimentary glass of their famous pinot noir is included in the  tasting.

Phelps Creek Vineyards: 850 Country Club Rd Hood River, OR 97031

They are also hosting a special open house through Monday of Memorial Day weekend.    Visitors are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy with their wine.  Wine discounts and extended hours are featured.

Northstar Vineyards: 1736 J.B. George Road, Walla Walla, WA 99362

The vineyard has picturesque views of the valley and surrounding Blue Mountains, plus a smashing deal of $7 per flight (refunded with purchase of any bottle of vino).  They are open through the holiday weekend,        10 am-4pm.

Maryhill Winery: 9774 Washington 14, Goldendale, WA

Washington State’s 2009 Winery of the year hosts a special open house event for all tasters on Memorial Day Weekend.  The winery boasts extended hours, Hawaiian BBQ food, and 30% off some of their vino.

Make sure to have a safe and happy weekend, whatever your Memorial Day Plans include…oh and leave the driving to us ;)


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Rent your town car or limo, and take Mom out: Vegas-style.  Sin City has plenty of Mother’s Day Goodies.  Here are just a few of them:


Have our town car take Mom to the Red Rock Spa.  Named one of the top 100 resort spas*, the Red Rock Spa boasts many unique treatments for Mom and Mom-to-be’s.  Check out the Orange Bliss Sugar Meringue Scrub and Massage.  The treatment  uses an all natural sugar scrub infused with orange oil to leave Mom feeling energized and smelling good.



Club: Eve at the Crystals,  City Center

If Mom likes to party, order a stretch limo for her and her friends, and tell the driver to take them to Eve Nightclub for their annual Honoring Mothers celebration.  Eve dedicates 5/8 to honoring the “hottest Moms”.  Kris Jenner is a honored celebrity guest this year.   Party starts at 10:30.  Be sure to have us pick Mom up afterward so she has a DD.


We’ll pick you and Mom up in a town car and take you to a fabulous steak dinner on the strip.  For $59 per person, Morton’s offers a full course meal for you and Mom.  Yum!


Brunch and Dinner

Famed chef, Wolfgang Puck’s Postrio Bar & Grill in the Venetian offers Mother’s Day Specials all day on Mother’s Day.  Brunch is from 11 am- 4pm, and dinner begins at 5p.m.  For dessert make sure to check out the Grand Marnier-scented ice cream with chocolate soufflé.  Bon Appetite!


For a little bit of South of the Border flavor check out Border Grill at the Mandalay Bay for brunch.  They have a special Mother’s Day brunch featuring dishes such as,  coconut crusted French toast, and Santa Fe breakfast enchiladas.  Mother’s Day brunch is offered both Saturday and Sunday.


Representing the Pacific Northwest, here are some great gift ideas for Moms and Mommies-to-be in Portland.


Hangin’ Out

Spend a day at the Japanese Garden.

Hang out with Mom and learn something!  As the Garden website tells, “Spend Mother’s Day in the Garden and enjoy this spring day with friends and family. Garden guides will be on hand throughout the Garden to answer questions about history, culture, and Japanese gardening.  Take a town car with Mom over to the gardens and enjoy some quality time together.  Special Mother’s Day gifts are available for Mom’s in the gift shop.



Where: The Heathman Hotel, downtown Portland

The Heathman offers an entire menu of scrumptious eats from 9am -3pm all dedicated to Mom.  Have us take you and Mom to brunch.  Check out their menu here:



Salty’s Seafood on the Columbia River

‘Award-winning restaurant for best Seafood and best breakfast brunch buffet.  Tell your driver to take you and Mom there for dinner OR brunch.  The restaurant is right on the water, so you and Mom can take in a fantastic view.



Zenana Spa and Wellness Center in SE Portland offers many different Mother’s Day packages for moms and moms-to-be.  They specialize in pregnancy massage, which any mom-to-be will tell you feels heavenly!  Also, when you spend $100 or more on a Mom or Mom-to-be, you’ll receive a special gift for Mom.



Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Seattle


Here are some fun Mother’s Day Ideas for the folks in the Seattle Area.  Don’t forget to book your town car or limo so Mom gets chauffeured to her destinations in style!

Spa Spa Spa!

The Spa: Herban Therapies Boutique Day Spa


The Spa offers several packages, specifically catered to Mom and Mom-to-Be.  Check out the Mommy to Be Package.

Mother’s Day Brunch with a View:

All Aboard the Seattle Cruise ship for a Mother’s Day Brunch Cruise!  Along with breathtaking scenery a three- course meal is included with the fare.  Cruise around Eliot Bay, while experiencing fabulous food, great view and bonding with Mom.


Mother’s Day Dinner and Night Out

Where: Teatro ZinZanni

What is it? Their website describes it best: “Part circus, part dinner theatre, Teatro ZinZanni is a big night out unlike any other, a three and a half hour whirlwind of international cirque, comedy and cabaret artists all served up with a five-course feast designed by celebrated Northwest chef Tom Douglas. “

Dinner and a show?  Sweet!

They offer a special Mother’s Day Dinner Menu where Mom has her choice of 3 different entrees, plus salads, soups and dessert.  Buen Apetite!